21CONCEPT, located in the iconic Dymocks building on 428 George Street in Sydney, was established in June 2016. The store aims to reinvent the concept of luxury outlet shopping.

Spanning over 150sqm in a private setting, customers are invited to come face to face with the 21CONCEPT experience, which offers a carefully hand-picked selection of brands and services like never seen in luxury outlet shopping before.

Explore our assortment of luxury fashion, streetwear and Made-To-Measure service in store.

Through travel and discoveries, new products and brands are regularly welcomed at 21CONCEPT....a unique approach combining modernity, originality and a careful attention to quality. This is the 21CONCEPT spirit: Luxury for the modern man and woman.


For those who can’t visit us at 428 George street to experience the full story, check out www.21concept.com.au for an insight.


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