The essence of tailoring lays in the will to put the client first, building things around individual wishes, demands, needs and desires, evolving the craft as times evolve. Tailoring is an experience for the wearer stemming out of the experience of the makers. Both ways, it is a process.

The essence of Corneliani is tailoring. A unique Italian knowledge, nurtured along decades of experiences, is the tool that allows the shaping of style as an experiential journey.

Working with the client in mind means working on the single item, making it an expression of the moment that molds on the person. The wearer is the only protagonist. Themes are fickle. Items remain, morphing in infinite ways through use. It’s style that takes life through experience and experiences that suggest new ways to style, mixing and morphing worlds and solutions, effortlessly.


Corneliani suits are available at 21CONCEPT through our ready to wear collections.

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